Who are we?

Hi, Iā€™m Craig

A tenacious, loving and energetic person, who loves nothing more than to meet new people, and show to them the beauty, and fun that is all around the backcountry of Northern Ontario, Canada. My job is to provide for you the absolute best experience while you visit us. Sightseeing, Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Off-Road, Snowmobiling. Lake Land Backcountry Adventures is ALL ABOUT making your dream trip up north a reality.
I work with guides, lodges, outfitters, and locals. Right down to the airlines, and vehicle rental companies.
It really doesn’t matter what you want to do, if your dream trip is in Northern Ontario, Lake Land Backcountry Adventures will make sure it’s the best trip you ever imagined.
NEW FOR SUMMER 2023 I am offering Powerboat Charters; Including Family Boat Rides, Tube Rides, Waterski Tow Service and Waterskiing Lessons.

Lake Abitibi Ice Fishing – We know the spots. šŸ˜‰
Over ten years experience navigating Little Abitibi, and Little Abitibi Provincial Park. World class Walleye fishing within this incredible lake system is one passion that makes summers fly-by.