Who are we?

Hi, I’m Craig Bondy. Owner, and micro-manager of LLnet.ca Lake Land Networks.

A tenacious, and energetic person, who loves technology. I graduated as a Computer Systems Engineer with an MCSE+I Designation during the year 2000, and have since developed a successful career providing a highly diversified portfolio of technology services that is needed to meet the demands of the low density populations of Northern Ontario communities.
Unlike my peers working within higher density populations, it was critical that I developed, and maintain a dynamic and robust set of skills, and services to meet the needs of my clients. Here are just SOME of the services I have provided during my career.

  • Fresh out of school I worked for Compaq Canada as a Telephone Computer Repair Technician.
  • I was then Employed as a Digital Specialist with MBEC (Minolta Digital Equipment Canada). In this roll I worked within the Ottawa Branch Office, and was tasked with being our clients point of contact between our Sales, Service, and Engineering Teams while Minolta rolled out it’s next generation of Network Enabled Digital Printing Systems. This included an extremely vast and technical set of responsibilities.
I then moved on to begin my career in self employment by helping expand the technology services provided by my families Office Supply Business.
  • Home, And Business System Maintenance & Repairs.
  • Business Computer System Sales & Marketing. Design, Assembly, Installation, Support.
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