Moosonee, James Bay

Gateway to the Arctic Ocean Snowmobile Tour

We offer the best Moosonee Tour Available.

Three day’s of riding that caters to all experienced riders.

Day 1 you will arrive in Cochrane check into your hotel room, have dinner, and meet your guide.

Day 2 You will ride the legendary OFSC Abitibi Canyon trail, to the MASSIVE Fraserdale Hydroelectric Dam where we will refuel the sleds. From there we will embark on the off-trail portion of this tour. The off-trail portion consists of whatever mother-nature throws at us. It could be fast, it could be slow, it all depends on what you ride, how you ride, and the conditions we are dealing with. You will ride powerlines, rail line embarkments, and some massive rivers. 400 or so kilometers later, we will arrive at the brand new Super 8 motel in Moosonee Ontario.

Day 3 This is our relaxing day. Sleep in, have a big breakfast. Around 2PM we will head out through the tundra to James Bay. If conditions, and ocean tides allow, we will ride out to the ocean waters. There we can witness the massive power of nature, and see the massive ice piles that are formed as the arctic salt water tides meet the fresh water Arctic Watershed.

Day 4 We awake early. We have a good breakfast, then we begin our journey back to Cochrane.

** I am currently working on an all inclusive trip, which will leave Cochrane on March 26th 2022. If you’re interested please contact me.