Moosonee, James Bay Snowmobile Tour 2024

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James Bay Snowmobile Tour like no other!

“Gateway to the Arctic Ocean” James Bay Snowmobile Tour.

We focus on a different, more relaxed Moosonee – James Bay Snowmobile Tour. Compared with the other tours being offered; we have a little more time to experience the far north. Our cozy accommodations allow more time with your friends, and our home cooked meals are one of the best parts of the trip!

We offer a four day, five night, FOUR STAR snowmobile tour to James Bay that caters to all intermediate, and experienced snowmobile riders.

Do you wish to take on an epic adventure snowmobiling to Moosonee, and the James Bay Coast, while also having the best service, accommodations, food, and drink?

Our Tour is 5 Night’s, and 4 Day’s. Partially Inclusive.

(Our Guests Expense Breakdown Is Noted Below)

Day 1 (Night One) you will arrive in Cochrane and check into your hotel room. Our tour group will then meet for dinner at a local restaurant, where you will meet up with your guide.

Day 2 (Day) You will ride the legendary OFSC Abitibi Canyon trail to the Historic Fraserdale Hydroelectric Dam. There you will meet up with your guide once again. We will refuel the sleds, and cook up a nice warm trailside lunch, while we enjoy a warm or cold beverage.
From there we will embark on the 250KM off-trail portion of this tour. The off-trail portion consists of whatever mother-nature throws at us. It could be fast, it could be slow, it all depends on what you ride, how you ride, as-well as the conditions we are dealing with.
Mother Nature will be in charge at all times, and this is why you need an experienced, overly prepared guide! 400 or so kilometers later, we will be ripping down the MASSIVE Moose River, as we arrive to the lights of Moosonee – Moose Factory.
On this trip we will ride groomed trails, roads, ungroomed powerlines, and rail line embarkments. We will ride one or two of the massive rivers which come together to feed Ontario’s Arctic watershed. We will lay tracks in and out of the INCREDIBLE MOOSE RIVER DELTA. We will ride on swamps, tundra, creeks, floodplains, and the Ocean Waters of James Bay.

Day 2 (Night) We will arrive to our accommodations. A fully furnished, clean and modern home, which we have rented for two nights awaits us. Also awaiting us will be all the snacks, beverages, and meals which we will have agreed upon while planning our trip. This is our night to relax and let loose a little. Normally I would prepare a Lasagna, and pasta dinner which guests could eat at their leisure. If you want, this is your best night to enjoy a few extra drinks, and stay up a little extra late.

Day 3 This is a relaxing day, but also the day we are all here to experience!
We can all sleep in and rest up. Guests are welcome to wake early, and visit the town. A fresh pot of freshly ground Ethiopian Arabica coffee will be ready to brew. This morning is free time; but you will want to be back home in time for brunch. Brunch will begin being served around noon.

At around 11am our cooks will arrive and begin to prepare our big breakfast. Bacon, Egg’s, and home fry’s. Waffles, French Toast, and pancakes with fresh maple syrup? Whatever we plan, will be in the kitchen, and they will cook it up for us!
Around 2PM we will ride out through the Moose River Delta, into the tundra onto James Bay.
If conditions, weather, and ocean tides allow, we will ride way out towards the edge of the Ocean Waters. There we can witness the humbling power of nature, and see the massive ice piles that are formed as the Arctic Salt Water Ocean Tides meet the Freshwater Arctic Watershed. From this vantage point while looking north, the next shoreline is over 2000km away through Hudson’s Bay, and into the Arctic waters Of Igloolik in the Northwest Territories.

Day 3 (Night) We should arrive back to town from our James Bay ride at around 6PM. We will refuel our sleds, and head back to the house. Our cooks will be waiting for us. This is our Steak Dinner Night! Awaiting us will be inch thick custom cut Rib Eye Steaks cooked on the barbeque. On the side will be roasted potato’s, corn, french style green beans, and cheesy broccoli.

Day 4 We need to be awake by 8am. At around 7am our cooks will arrive and begin to prepare our breakfast. Custom cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, and our leftovers from the day before will be cooking up.
Around 9am we will begin our journey back to Cochrane. 250KM later we arrive at Abitibi Canyon (Around 1PM).
Awaiting us will be Hot Soup, Sausage On A Bun, and enough fuel to get everyone back to Cochrane.

Day 4 (Night) We should all be back in Cochrane by around 7PM. We will all be burnt out. At around 8PM we will meet up for supper, then it will be time for us all to say goodbye. Typically we would either all split on a Pizza Dinner, or go to a restaurant. We will plan this as a group.

Day 5
Everyone drives home.

What’s included.

  • Motel Room – Double Occupancy for your two nights in Cochrane.
  • Your own bed at one of our rented homes in Moosonee. Beds may be Queen, Double, or Single.
    *The homes that I rent, and available bed choices depend on availability, and will be confirmed after booking.
  • All planned meals while in Moosonee.

    What’s not included.
  • Dinner on the night of your arrival
  • Dinner on your last night in Cochrane.
  • ALL Fuel, and Oil expenses. We will plan to transport up-to 90 Liters of Esso Supreme fuel per sled. That is 45 Liters when you get to Abitibi Canyon, and 45 Liters before you leave the Abitibi Canyon on your way back to Cochrane. We can also hold, and transport whatever oil you will need during these refueling stops.
    Fuel will be charged per liter, and the price will be equal to the pump price + 5%; for Esso Supreme in Cochrane on the day of your arrival.
  • Be aware that in Moosonee you will only be able to purchase regular octane fuel. As such we recommend that if you’re running a high performance two stroke sled, that you also pack some good quality octane boost.
  • ANY AND ALL Expenses incurred in the event that we need to help with unforeseen problems. Towing, trailering, etc.

Please Text 705-465-4920, or Email for information about costs.

Currently we are adding clients for a trip on Feb 25-28 2024 at a cost of $2000 per person.

We are excited to plan some other trips, so let’s talk.